I will give you the brief but informative version right now and after some more thought on who I am I will organize it a little better.

Personal Facts

  • Name: Joe Brumley
  • Age: 49
  • Marital Status: Happily Married
  • Sex: Yes, please!
  • Gender: Male (see Sex item)
  • Children: Yes and Yes
  • Place of Residence: Bloomington, Indiana
  • Occupation: Programmer/Analyst at the Open Geospatial Consortium. I previously worked as a programmer/Analyst at Indiana University. I have also worked as a General Contractor / Carpenter from August 2004 to August 2008. Now I do that on the side and for myself, family, and friends.


  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Music
  • Technology
  • Woodworking
  • Construction

Where did the name “Crookedshack” come from?

I signed up for a hotmail account in ’97 or ’98, and after trying to use my name I kept getting choices like joebrumley1234 or jbrumley4005 but those were all a little too generic. I had just gotten back from Montana and remembered some of the homesteads that I had seen while hiking and that was when it hit me. I will admit though, I have always thought that it would make a better name for a barbeque joint. Maybe one day.

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