The iPod

Well, I have it set up and running now and I did it all on the old purple G3 400MHz iMac at work. The machine runs rather well for being the machine that it is. I replaced the harddrive with a Maxtor 7200RPM 40GB drive and put 128MB of Memory in it and all seems to be just fine. I have a couple of old boxes laying around here so I may put some more memory in it so that it functions a little smoother. When I installed Jaguar the machine was pretty sluggish, but with Panther it runs pretty quick for what it is. I have only had it crash once. It is mainly used for testing purposes but I like to keep my jukebox on there as well. As for the iPod, once I got it set up and the songs downloaded into it, I hooked it up to my Windows machine and hoped that since iTunes is now available for Windows that maybe they could talk to one-another but as I suspected I received the warning box that if I continued with the PC installation that my iPod would have to be reformatted for the PC. So I answered my earlier question of whether or not I would be able to use both platforms and that answer is no. I love my new iPod.

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