The iPod II

I am still trying to decide whether or not to use the iPod with my windows machine or with the iMac at work. I have purchased some songs from the iTunes music store and they are currently only on the iMac. When I log into my iTunes account it says that “2 computers are authorized to play music purchased with this account.”, but I haven’t had any luck getting the Purchased Music folder to populate on any other machine other than the iMac. The only reason that I like the idea of continuing to use it with the iMac is that it charges the battery while you download music. Otherwise it has to be plugged in to charge and you can’t have it connected to the computer to do any downloading. It would be really nice to have a powerBook with a 60 or 80 GB hard-disk, then I would use that, but since I just received the iPod for a mere $400, the powerBook, at just $2600 and up, will have to wait. It’s not that big of an issue I just need to find out from Apple if I can get those songs that I purchased onto a different machine.

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