Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well it is 2004 and time to start thinking about those new year resolutions. I’ve thought of mine and they are to get out to my shop more and actually build some things, start working on things around the house so that we can up the value, and of course the ever popular new years resolution of workout at least 3 times a week. I am pretty excited about this year because I think all of those things will be possible. I only have two weddings to attend and both of them are only an hour away. That will be a nice change from last years six weddings where I was in 4. Damn that was rough. So far my wife and I have a lot of nice things planned for this year and so does the band. In the summer my wife and I are going on our first trip out West together. I have been to Montana (my favorite state), Wyoming, Idaho several times but my wife has only flown over them once. I am really looking forward to that trip because I love it out there and I hope that she will appreciate it as much as I do. The band may be going to Italy in March/April but I am not holding my breath for that. Sometimes the booking agents can be a little flaky.
Well that is all of my rantings for now. More later I’m sure.

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