Set Up Template as a File in MT

I am pushing to Make MT more of a CMS than just a blogging tool but I since I do everything in some kind of editor anyway I don’t see the point in trying to create a web interface CMS. I did set up the main index to be a file now and I can access that through a direct connection to my server using Dreamweaver and the SFTP connection that is supplied with DreamweaverMX. It is really impressive that Macromedia has incorporated that into their editor. I have never really used Dreamweaver and I don’t think I will ever use it for anything more than it’s syntax highlighting and autocomplete of php functions, in other words not for the WYSIWYG aspect. But it is a really slick tool to aid in hand coding.
Anyway I was all excited about the prospect of just setting up templates for everything but then I found you still have to build the site in order to make the file template changes work since it is only a link. Oh well, it still makes it easier to edit.

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