My New Phone

I picked up my new phone last night. Check it out. It is the motorola C343c which is not a flip phone. I am getting away from the flip phones because I really like the feel of the new standard cell phones and I like the ability to answer the phone with one hand. I am aware at how easy some of the new flip phones open but the phone that I just switched from using is the Motorola V60c. I am still getting used to not having some of the features that my other phone, the V60c, has, like voice notes and voice dialing, but I am already so much happier with this phone simply because I can answer it with one hand. The V60c was a great phone but because of the design you had to answer it with both hands. The spring tension that kept the phone closed was really stiff and the two tiny spots that are provided for opening the phone were not conducive to one hand opening. Anyway, I am really happy with my choice and since I already has a motorola phone all of the chargers still work with this new phone so I didn’t have to buy an extra travel charger.

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