“Brought to you by Budweiser Music”

“True Music, True Beer”

The title and what is written above is what was said after the performance of Jet on Saturday Night Live. I have never written a music review, or more appropriately critique, before but I just saw Jet on Saturday Night Live and that was the most depressing, boring, and unoriginal performance/song I have ever heard and or seen. A more accurate phrase would be “Brought to you by butt-wiper Music. True Ass, True Shit”. It is so disappointing to watch a bunch of tools try to do what the Rolling Stones did 40 years ago, and the Black Crowes did 13 years ago, not even a quarter as well as either of those bands, and be in a position where they get to play on Saturday Night Live. Wow! I could go on and on but it would just be more depressing and I would only be angry by the end. Just check out the Jet website to get all of the suck you can handle. I would rather be stranded on a desert island with nothing more than a Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson album to listen to than to ever have to hear anything by Jet ever again. Ever!

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