My First Design project

I was asked to do a takeout menu for my father and mother-in-law’s restaurant. It is a small restaurant of the greasy spoon / diner likes and they are now going to start delivering and taking credit cards so that they can attract business from such clientele as pharmaceutical sales-representatives. It did not have to be an involved project but I wanted to make as nice as possible (to my ability, that is) because, well, you know, you always want to impress the in-laws. The project is complete and I only spent about 10 hours on it. With a little help from my wife and Microsoft Publisher it turned out pretty well. Since I am new to this I didn’t know what to use but I have Microsoft Office so I thought I would see if it had something in it and sure enough, there is MS Publisher. Since I used MS Publisher it wasn’t purely my design, but it was a great way to learn and it also made me realize that if I was to do this more often I would want to look into getting a different product. I would like to look at other applications that are used for designing like Adobe Illustrator or possibly some open source applications. There is much to learn in the world of design and I am starting at the bottom with a great book by Robin Williams (not the comedian/actor) called The Non-Designer’s Design Book. It is chock full of great tips and the acronym for “Contrast”, “Repetition”, “Alignment”, and “Proximity” is impossible to forget. I am almost through it completely and I can’t decide which of her books to get next. I do so much on the web that the Web Design book seems like the obvious one, but I will have to take a look at the Non-Designer’s Type as well and also the book “The PC is Not a Typewriter”.

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