FireFox after the smoke has cleared

I told you I would write more later. I have used the browser now since its release and I must say I like most of it really well. My favorite themes from Aaron Spuler, iCandy Jr. and Neptune both work great. I really enjoy the new download manager (similar to the Safari dm), and the new auto-scroll. I don’t know if this is really a fix or what but I have noticed that the auto-scroll is so much faster and clearer. There is little to none of the jumpy page while scrolling with this new auto-scroll. The only thing I don’t like is the Download notification window that pops up just above the task-bar. I have checked to see if there is a way to disable that feature and I have not been successful. I imagine that this is something that the developers will be working on in the next few releases. I personally don’t have any screen shots but here are a couple of links that do:

Kevin Gerich’s web log
Neil’s World

All in all though the browser is awesome, and so to repeat myself, “you should run right out and get it. Better yet just click the button on the side of my page or click here to get the latest stable release.”

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