Now the Spam is rapping

Here is an email that a friend received. Truly amazing…..not!

Yo limp dizzle, I got the salooshin to yer bodies palooshin'. 
Take one dose of thizz, give
that ho a kizz, drop yo draws, she'll luv how hard it izz. 
She be breaking down your door,
begging for more. Spreadin' them legs like a dirty wh*re...
- Life just seems to flow with Ciliazz. Don't want any dis, then flow owt with
our lizt.
World famous rapper, Shawtie Flave of Dawty Soueth Reckardz

I’ve done a quick google search for this so called World famous rapper, Shawtie Flave, and the only results I get are Spam Assassin logs. Hmmmm.

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