I just ordered it…

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Now we’ll see if my wife freaks out on me. I did buy it with my money but when you have debt you don’t really have any money. Anyway, what I will hopefully receive within a week is the Canon PowerShot A70 3.2M pixels camera. I ordered it from Abes Of Maine Cameras & Electronics. I tried to buy it locally but since it this model has been discontinued – it has been replaced with the Canon PowerShot A75 – the local Camera shop did not have it, and will not have it in again.
I hope I made the right decision. I always second guess myself on purchases like these, but I am pretty sure I will be pleased. All of the reviews that I read have been really great. I have been taking pictures with an Olympus D-490zoom digital camera that my wife and I got as a wedding gift 3 years ago. It is 1.3M pixels and is essentially a point and shoot. It has no settings except Macro and Digital zoom but you have to take those shots at a lower quality which the camera decides for you automatically – there is no override. It does offer manual settings overrides for the WB (4 settings), ISO (auto,150, 250, 500), and Metering(ESP, Spot) and it has a panoramic feature available but you have to use an Olympus brand card. Also the media it uses is Smart Media which is almost obsolete. After comparing the two I see that it is obvious that I have made a good choice. I also feel pretty lucky getting it now because it has been replaced by the A75, so the price was just right. If Abes had free shipping it would have been a steal. Now I just need to get a bigger card for it and I’ll be set.

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