New Flat Panel and Video Card Failure

My wife and I have been engaged in the ongoing process of rearranging and fixing up the house so we haven’t been thinking clearly, and when we rearranged the office we took advantage of the opportunity to get rid of my 19″CRT and upgrade to a 17″ LCD from LG electronics. The model is the LG 1720PLG and it is so worth the money. It was probably a little extravagent on our part considering we are still paying off our credit cards (we did buy this with cash though), and we need to be saving for our trip out west this summer, but it is so great. I have been working on a 19″ LCD at work for about 8 months now and going home to the CRT was painful. All you can see is “the flicker” of the CRT. I also bought a GeForce XFX 256 MB video card in September and the old CRT would sometimes just freak out on it. With the LG the GeForce looks super smooth. The card has a DVI output (that is broken so it is being replaced right now) and I can’t wait to hook up the Monitor with the DVI connection. I was still using it trough the analog output and even that was super crisp and really nicely rendered icons. I had to put my 32M video card back in and wow is there a difference.

Well the LG is great and it is actually hard for me to leave now. Since my job is such that I could do it from my home, I just wish that I could convince my boss and everyone that I don’t need that big of a cube and that they could just let me work from home. I guess that will be the next step, to go out on my own and start my own business.

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