In the Studio Again

The band is going into the studio again to make another full-length album and this time it will really be in a studio. The first 3 full-lengths were recorded at home and while home recording is cheaper and affords us the luxury of as many takes as we want, it will be so nice not to have to worry about whether or not the tape is rolling, or if the levels are too low or too high, or if someone is going to stop by and walk around upstairs, or if the phone will ring, and so many other things that one has to contend with when doing a home recording. We are going to have the studio space for 5 days but the really nice thing about it is that the studio is in town so we can actually sleep in our own beds and possibly even eat one dinner with our wives/families. We will be one of the first bands to record in this studio so it will be learning experience for everyone involved. The engineer ran a studio just down the street until the new owners of the property pushed the rent too high for him. I think it was for the best though, because this new space is so great. It is an old church so there is easily 3 times the room as the original studio and the ambiance and sound is so much better (Oh how the drums will finally sound like drums). We have about 10 or 11 songs for this album and they are a lot more upbeat than our last album so I am curious how the fans will receive it. I will be singing on one of the songs and hopefully I will still like my lyrics when it comes time to record them. I will be posting during the making of the album and putting up photos as well.

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