Working on a Re-design

I am in the process of redesigning this site and it is a lot of fun but definitely a challenge for an amatuer such as myself. I have been reading all of what I consider the great websites on design and in particularly web-design, as well as some of the books mentioned on those websites, and I feel like I am starting to have a better understanding of graphic design. I want to make it clear though that I am not by any means a designer and I still have a long way to go. I have owned a copy of Photoshop 7 since it was released and only within the last few months have I really started using it and realizing its’ immensity, and how I have only scratched the surface as far as what it is capable of doing.

My new design is based on a picture I took in Valencia, Spain last November. I was there with the band that I am in and we had dinner at this really great tapas restaurant. The only sign outside of the place had the dragon fly cut out of metal and then lit from the back. I have loved that picture even if it is a little blurry and I wanted to do something with it so now I am making my first attempt. If anyone wants to give me tips and pointers as well as criticism (constructive only, please 🙂 ) on my new design I would be very grateful. Also if anyone out there knows of a good photoshop and design tutorial book that too would be really helpful. I have the Peachpit Press visual quickstart book PhotoShop 7 for Window and Mac, but I would like something that has some tutorials in it more than a reference. The book is good but it does feel like a reference book and not something that you work through from beginning to end.

Here is the new design.

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