In San Francisco

I‘m in the awesome city of San Francisco visiting my buddy from high school and I must say I am enjoying myself profusely. I am staying in the Mission district and today I went to the LIMN store and the SFMOMA. I also got to see the California Center of Art where he is the shop manager. It is an awesome facility for the students and I am extremely jealous of the tools that they have. The SFMOMA had a couple of great exhibits but one in particular by Larry Sultan was really interesting. We ate at this cool little restaurant called Valencia Pizza and Pasta shop and then just chilled out at his place and watched Capturing the Friedmans. It’s a documentary about a family whose father is initially caught and charged with possession and sending/receiving child pornography. He is also a school teacher who in the evening also teaches piano and computer classes to kids in the neighborhood. When that is realized the police start asking the kids who attended these computer classes whether or not they were sexually abused and then the whole family starts to fall apart. The thing about this movie that makes it so interesting though is that the films were all made by the family as a way to document this event and to help build a case to acquit him. It was a really good movie but don’t start it at 11:00 or later, it is a little slow.