Back from San Francisco

Wow! What an awesome city. I personally don’t like cities because people and animals were never meant to live on top of one another, but this city was a lot of fun. I can see how the 60’s music scene did so well in SF. It’s laid back attitude is extremely conducive to doing just about whatever you want. I was only there from Wed evening to Sunday morning so I did not get to see a lot, but I did get to see my high-school friend and that was really great. I really wanted to see some nature while I was there so he took me up highway 1 along the pacific coast to Point Reyes National seashore and we hiked back to a lake where we had a picnic, floated in inner-tubes, slept in the sun, and drank beer. It was amazing. The whole hike was simply beautiful and it is easy to see the appeal of living in that city when there is nature like only an hour away. The trail that we hiked along started by following the shoreline but at about 1000′ above the water. I have lots of pictures and will put them up soon (I am still working on the photos section of this site). Driving on highway 1 was pretty hairy and I am glad I was the passenger so that I could keep my eyes on the scenery and not the road. There was not enough time to do all of the things that I wanted but again I’m really glad I got to see my buddy before he moves to New York in August.

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