FeedDemon Testimonial

As per the request of Nick Bradbury I am doing my part and writing a review of his rss reader application aptly named FeedDemon. I want to start by saying that if you are a windows users and you want the best rss reader available, hands down, then you will get just that with FeedDemon. I have been using it since the first Beta was released and immediately it was obvious that this was going to be another solid piece of software from the creator of Topstyle.
The first thing that stood out was the setup process. After installing FeedDemon when you first launch the application you are presented with a setup process that shows you how to use some of the features as well as asks a few questions about how you would like the news reader to look. It also gives you the option to subscribe to at least 100 news feeds right from the start. This feature is really handy to rss newbies.
The second great thing that I noticed is how amazingly fast the feed updates occurred. I had been using a reader written in .Net and it was very good at the basics but very slow when updating feeds. The FeedDemon update completed almost instantaneously and after that I was sold.
As I used FeedDemon more, I found a couple of the features available to be extremely useful. My favorite features are the News Bins and the Watches. These features allow you to

  1. keep particular feed items that you find useful or interesting by manually placing them into one or more news bins
  2. Automatically collect news feed items that meet the criteria you establish when you set up a watch

For example I have a news bin entitled Web Design and it contains articles and posts that I feel have useful information on the particular topic. I also have a watch entitled CSS that catches every post in every Channel group which contains the term Cascading Style Sheets and/or the term CSS.
Other great features are the internal tabbed browser, Search Channels, and xslt styles available for reading your subscribed feeds. The application is full of other great features and it would take quite a while to go through each one. I will not leave you hanging though. Here is a very thorough article already written about FeedDemon and what the application has to offer. I can only say that if you are the least bit interested in rss and news readers, you should at least download the trial and experience the true wonder of FeedDemon for yourself.

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