iTunes Music Store – Love / Hate

This post inspired by the post on Jon Hicks’ site.
I play in a band and we were just recently added to the U.S. iTunes store. I am happy about that because I like the possibility of more people being able to find our music, but I am also disappointed because the artwork is now gone. Our past 2 albums have been released on Vinyl as well as on CD, so that we could make available large versions of the artwork. The new album will also be available on vinyl; it is just something we all love. I firmly believe that with downloaded music there should at least be a PDF of the artwork that comes with downloads, but in that there is yet another unfortunate aspect. Generally the options for home printing paper are limited, and part of the process when we design the albums is to decide on the type of paper that it should be printed on e.g. glossy, matte, heavy-weight…. This introduces a texture to the music listening experience that is no longer there with downloaded music. And as Jon points out in his post I think we all enjoy flipping through the pages of the CD booklets to see where it was recorded, who recorded it, and to whom the artist thanks. Another possibility for obtaining the artwork in its original format might also be to receive a copy by mail. The logistics of this could be hard to sort out but it would be nice to have the option. I will never be able to move entirely to downloaded music until the artwork is made available, but I’m glad that online music is available because it is just another medium for spreading the word.

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