What a week…

This has been quite the week. My wife and I are leaving tomorrow for a 2 week road trip, we are going to a wedding tomorrow before we hit the road, my sister’s birthday is July 4th, and as if all of that wasn’t enough to think about and prepare for we also found out this week that we are going to have a baby. We were not really trying to conceive but we were not being too careful either, so it was still a bit of a surprise. We had our first physician’s visit today and found out that Seja is about 6 1/2 weeks along which puts the birth date at February 21st. That would be kind of cool since my birthday is February 16th. My child and I could celebrate together. because we all know that birthdays last about a week.
We are not completely packed for the trip yet but everything is layed out on the living room floor: two tents, sleeping bag, air mattress and pump, backpack, and much more. We will be mainly truck camping but while we are in the Tetons and when we get to Moab/Canyonlands area in Utah, we will probably do one or two overnight hikes. It will be nice to sleep outside again and listen to the world without the steady hum of traffic and people. I still need to set up the truck tent one more time before we leave. I bought the Tonneau cover on Tuesday but I need to know if I need to remove it completely to set up the tent or if I can just roll it up to the cab of the truck. We also don’t know if the air mattress will fit in the back of the truck yet, so I will check that out as well. I know that even if it doesn’t fit very well we will still be sleeping on it.
I hope you all enjoy the next two weeks and when I get back there will be posts and pictures.

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