On our way home

Well, we are on our way home a week early. Seja has been feeling nauseous and today threw up on the side of the road between the Hoback Junction and Pinedale Wyoming. We were at a pullout overlooking the Hoback river and she couldn’t have chosen a prettier place to throw up. The nausea started about three days ago and she held out as long as she could. We had an awesome time though before the nausea set in. We spent several nights camping and I thought each night was great, even the night in Yellowstone that got down to 32 degrees. Seja wasn’t too happy about that but she was a trooper and agreed to camp again the next night in the Tetons. It turned out to be a really pretty night and we both slept really well. Last night we stayed at the Nordic Inn in Alpine, Wyoming. The place was small with only 10 rooms and the bar was something out of a David Lynch film. We were supposed to go to Arches National park today, Canyonlands tomorrow and finally end up in Denver to visit Seja’s high school friend, but instead we are now in Cheyenne, Wyoming at a Hampton Inn with internet access. Since those are the places that I have never seen she has promised that we will be able to come back within the next five years. I am holding her to it.