Where to begin…

Well it has been quite a while since my last post and it seems like a lot has happened, so I will start by mentioning that I am posting this using the w.bloggar 4.00 Beta1 tool that was released on 7/7 and it is awesome. I am able to post to multiple categories and it also has custom tags entry for those personal class or id tags such as the one that creates the drop-cap on this website. I only see one problem right now and that is when you publish a post, close the application, and then open it again it opens the last post from the saved local copy, even though it was already posted. The old w.bloggar would save you post locally until you published it then when you opened the application after the publish it would open with a new post. I haven’t used it too much yet but I think that I might be able to set that up in the options section.

Now for updates with me (not that anyone is really concerned or interested). My wife has been throwing up ever since we got back from our week and 2 day trip out west. This past Monday she was hooked up to an I-V for two hours because she had become so dehydrated. She has been better about drinking water but she is on moderate bedrest for a couple of weeks. Since she is in her 10th week and everyone says that it is usually only bad during the first tri-mestser, we are hoping this will pass in two or three weeks.

Also on Monday I received the telephoto (2.0x) and macro/wide angle (.45x) lenses that I ordered from ebay for my Canon Powershot A70. I have not had a lot of time to try them out yet but I did get a chance to use them that night at a show we played with The Race at Second Story that night. I will post some pictures from that later (they are on a different computer). The show went really well and it was so fun to see the boys from The Race again. Their new album “If You Can” is super good and I recommend all to run out and pick it up. You will be most happy I’m sure.

On Tuesday I attended the funeral of a co-worker who died from cancer. His wife appeared strong and together, and that may be because the two of them were able to talk about his passing several days before it occurred. He had been sick for about a year but everyone thought he was on the road to recovery and suddenly within a week he degraded.

The next day I ended up working extra hard on an application that I have been involved in for about 3 months now. I needed to get so much done that on Thursday I came into work at 12noon, went home for dinner around 7, and then came back at 10pm and stayed until 8:43am on Friday. I got most of what I needed done on Friday but I still needed to test the e-commerce credit card verification part but I will do that this weekend and Monday. I was so beat that I ended up sleeping the rest of the day away.

On Thursday I received my copies of the 37Signals, “Defensive Design for the Web” and Dan Cedarholm’s “Web Standards Solutions”. I have not had much time to get into the books but what I have been able to read they both are going to be great. The web standards book looks to be really great because it also discusses proper markup. This is something that the other books I’ve read don’t focus on.

The hardest thing I had to deal with this week also happened on Wednesday when I got a call from my Mom who filled me in on my fathers condition. She said that I should come home soon because he’s so bad that we don’t know how much time he has left. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons about 3 to 4 years ago but he was still able to get around some. For just about the last year though, he has been in a nursing home. About 3 weeks ago he was still able to talk and he was smiling but when I saw him today he couldn’t talk, he barely opened his eyes, and he was barely able to swallow his food. His quality of life appears to be completely gone. Seeing him made me think even harder about the decisions that we make and whether or not I want to continue my work in the world of IT. I never receive the fulfillment from creating yet another web application as I did when I worked as a carpenter and was involved in improving peoples homes. I also don’t do anything physical anymore and that has been really hard on me. I am not good with time and trying to add something else, like working out, to my day is just too hard. I still haven’t come to my conclusion but something will have to happen soon and definitely before the little one comes along. Well this was quite the pouring out of the soul and I apologize for any boredom that may have occurred during the reading of this post but I needed to get it out.