What a weekend

I am back from my weekend with my family and it is pretty weird to know that I will not see my father the next time I go home. It was hard to see him in the nursing home and even though I know that he is in a better place it will still be hard to not see him. The funeral service was really wonderful and people who I have not seen for probably 20 years or so (since I was 10 or 12) as well as lots of family members were there and everyone remembered him as the kindest, sweetest person that they had ever known. It is true, too. I have never met anyone like my father except maybe my wife. She has his demeanor and definitely his attitude towards life and people. I know our children will be influenced by him through what I received from him but mostly from my wife and how she is like him.
My mom has had a lot of help and support from friends and from the church as well as the fact that she lives in the downstairs of my sister and her family’s home, so I am sure that she will be just fine. She can also come to visit my wife and I a little more often maybe, but also when she is here she will not have to feel anxious about getting back. My fathers passing is ultimately a blessing to those he left behind for we know that he is in a better place where there is no suffering and our pain and guilt has been relieved; but he will be dearly missed and never forgotten.

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