A New Beginning

It has been awhile since my last post so I will fill you in a little. On August 3rd I resigned from my position as a web/database application developer in order to pursue a career in carpentry. Before I started in the IT world four years ago I had been working as a carpenter for about 3 years so this is not such an off the wall transition as it may seem. My official last day as a developer was on August 20th and my first day back as a carpenter was Monday August 23rd. Well it has been one week now that I have been swinging a hammer and it feels like I’m home. My spirits are much higher and my weight is a little lower. This first week was spent putting in windows and that is a lot of hammer work so by Wednesday I was pretty sore but by Friday the pain was gone and I felt like I was back in the swing of things. I am fortunate to work with an older carpenter that I really get along with and he is really talented as far as being able to figure out how to build virtually anything. In the house that we are currently building we will be building a staircase that is suspended from the ceiling by threaded rod that will be wrapped in stainless steel. Another project is a suspension bridge over a small pond, and we will also be building a greenhouse to replace the one that is shown in the pictures. Here are some pictures of the work in progress.


  1. Hey-
    Sorry to hear about your dad. Last time we talked, you were travelling to see him. I didn’t know he had passed. He was a very nice man.

    Good luck whacking nails…jared

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