My New Bag

Well it is not exactly here yet. At the beginning of the summer I put in a request to my buddy in San Francisco (now in New York) to pick up one of the Timbuk2 messenger bags, the grip sleeve laptop bag, and the ipod case for me. He got them sometime near the end of July and but he was in the middle of moving from one coast to the other so I did not press him for them. He is in Nueva Yorka now and I am beginning to jones hard for the bag. I love their design and they just feel right slung over your shoulder and down to your side. Hopefully he will read this and will want to send me the bags soon. Mine is orange on the two outer panels and silver on the center one. I also requested a grab handle be attached to the top and that it come with the left-handed strap setup. I love Timbuk2 bags.

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