Kicking my butt

These last few days at work have been kicking my ass. We have just finished one portion of the deck (the largest portion at 26′ x 20′) and after three days of lifting 16′ 6″x6″ posts and then bending over to put the decking down and I am beat. I had been sitting behind a desk for only the past 4 years but in that time I have really gotten out of shape. My knees especially are feeling the pain. I see now that I should have been running or working out a lot more during the past 4 years. No regrets though. I enjoyed the computer work while I did it and I am grateful for the knowledge and experience that I gained but I am so happy to be back at carpentry. I have posted some more pictures of the deck and I will post some more tomorrow. I was too tired today to take any with the decking down.