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I love design. I am not the best designer but I love looking at good design whether it be web, print, architecture, furniture, or even vacuum cleaners. The Dyson is a vacuum that I drool over every time I see it on display or in an ad, and all I can think is how great it would be to have that vacuum. Well my beautiful wife works for a company that has there own employee store via the web where the employees can purchase things either with money or by using reward points. My wife was just awarded some points by her employer for being so awesome, and as luck would have it, our old vacuum recently stopped sucking (and sucking is a quality you want in a vacuum). A quick search on the company site for “vacuum cleaner” and what should pop up but none other than the Dyson DC07 Animal. She and I both got very excited and two days later we were vacuuming with the purple and gray animal. Wow does it suck! It almost has that Shop-Vac sound but not nearly at the decibel level of a shop-vac. We could not believe it when we vacuumed up the cat hair out of the carpet. We have not tried it on the bed yet but when we get out the comforter our cat takes up residence in the bed so we will have an opportunity then to give the dedicated animal hair removal tool (or Mini turbine head as referred to on the Dyson site) a whirl. There are certain occasions when I catch myself getting excited about something and realizing that because I am excited about it I am definitely older; this was one of those occasions. I will say though that if you are in the market for a vacuum at least see if you can try the Dyson out even if you aren’t going to buy it – you will enjoy just how easy it is to use and how it feels in your hand. Thank you Mr. James Dyson for not being satisfied with the selection of vacuums available.

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  1. joe-
    don’t know if you know the show “big” on discovery, but, they make things that are normally smaller, bigger.
    they made a 19 1/2 foot tall Dyson vaccumm on the show last night. you should check it out….


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