Laceless comfort and the “BP”

Dan of Simple Bits fame, is finding out that the amount of “uncool” that one gains when sacrificing fashion for comfort is way worth it.
Down With Laces
I found my first pair of laceless shoes a month before I turned 30 and I knew that once I bought them that my future would be filled with quite a bit of nerdiness and uncool. And it was. But I also found a whole new world of comfort that I was not prepared for at all. Road trips were where I noticed the big difference. Yeah, sure, the putting them on quickly and the not having to bend over was good, but when riding in the van on our first tour I realized the true genius of the laceless or slip-on shoe. I could now remove my shoes while lying on the back bench of the van and stick my socked foot out of the rear window without taking my eyes or hands off the magazine that I was reading. That is what turned me into a believer. I am now on my second pair.
I also agree with his musings on the usefulness and sheer brilliance of the “BP” (Breast Pocket). I have been using the BP for years now and since I graduated college in 1997 and started my life as a carpenter (minus the 4-year stint in IT) I think there have only been a handful of days that I have not at least had a shirt with me that has a BP. Since going back to carpentry 3 months ago I have worn shirts, sometimes two at a time, that have at least one BP on them. I have also found that the long sleeve pocket-t is just right for those cool fall days. The pockets usually contain one pair of earplugs, a pencil or two, and a receipt (usually gas) or money. Also guitar picks quite often find their way into the BP.

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