iTune Music Store

I was browsing the iTunes music store and I found this iMix (will open iTunes). It is the top 97 (87) songs of 2004 from the radio station that I listened to all through high school. I already own some of the songs and I am thinking about owning a few more. It is Christmas you know.


  1. wha? you no speaky? where you playing in denver? the larimer lounge would be a good spot. i saw kozelek there.

  2. wtf – Right on but I am still trying to decipher all of this net bunny speak – WOOT! Meeting up in Denver would be awesome. Merry Christmas and rock it.

  3. yais-

    remember when i told you to give a listen to air? cherry blossom girl is gah-roovy. mark lanegan is that beyatch from dem screamin trees. arcade fire seems to be the shiznit with all zee kidz. i kinda likey. drive by truckers? straight up sucks. gbv? straight up rack. i half to say, i like me some bajork. wtf is up with this franz ferdinand shiznits? every where i turn i read about them. gomez can gohome. sorry bam thwok sux. i love zee pixies, but that song sux donkeys. modest mouse is gettin a lot of play time on me ipod. take care and merry christmas!

    i hope you are all safe in your 45 feet of snow! i’m in kc, mo. back in cali on the 31st. can’t wait for the west coast tour!!!!! think i might take my truck and meet you in denver??????


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