Salt Lake to Portland

I apologize for not updating the past few days but we have not had time when we have had internet access. The Salt Lake City, UT show turnout was great and it was the place of our first U.S. encore. The audience was extremely responsive and a couple of people told us that they had waited 4 years to see us. The Kilby Court is a really cool club / artist colony. The club is located at the end of a street along with an artist studio and some houses. It has a courtyard with a fire pit and a separate building for merchandise. We spent the night at the the club and since it was an early show we were able to hang out, after everyone had left, around fire pit drinking a growler of RedRock pale ale. It was great to stay the night there because it made load out the next morning and we were able to take our time since the drive was not far the next day. The unfortunate part about SLC, as well as Boise, was all of the fog. They are experiencing an inversion right now and it has clouded up the cities so that you can’t see them when driving in so we did not get to see the mountains that surround SLC and that are out side of Boise.
The drive to Boise was smooth and went quick compared to the other drives. The scenery was beautiful and the towns were aptly named i.e. Snowville, and Pleasant Valley. The club in Boise, the Neurolux, was a cool club with really great stage sound. It sounded good in the room too, but the stage sound was really great. All of the people were great at the club and we drank Fat Tire beer all night. We had another early show and at 10:30 the club turned into a dance party. Earlier in the evening while eating dinner at Pollo Rey (Chicken King), we talked about going sledding, well once the dance party started we nixed those plans and decided to shake our groove things until 2am. It made the next days drive a little hard but we have pictures to prove that it was well worth it. We stayed with a friend of Kevin’s in a great house. So far if I would have to choose a place to live from the places we have been it would have to be Boise.
The drive to Olympia, WA started around 10:30 and went incredibly well. We drove through OR to avoid the mountains and made it to “Oly” as it is called by the locals, around 6pm. The club is an old garage/storage area similar to Vertigo in Bloomington, but neither the room or the PA are nearly as big. We ate dinner at a local pizza joint called Old School Pizza. It was similar to Rocketts in Bloomington but much bigger, and instead of the walls being covered with records or instruments they were covered with retro-posters. It was very hip. We had our first hardware failure in Oly with the tuning peg for the D string on my guitar broke. I was able to clamp it together that night with my capo but that was not going to last the whole tour. The show was alright but the turn out was not that great. After the show we drove to Portland where we stayed with Chris Bennett. He lives in a great house with a couple of other folks and they were really kind to us. Everyone had a bed and it was dark and quiet so we could actually get some sleep. It was nice to have a day where we did not have to drive. We got up and milled about without any sense of urgency to get on the road and it really relaxes you. The day started with breakfast and then a trip to Chris Bennett’s studio called New Space. It is a great little gallery in the front and a darkroom and photography studio in the back. He has some pieces from Tara Jane O’Neil in the gallery. We then headed across the river to downtown Portland where we hit the most awesome instrument store in hopes to get my guitar fixed. We were successful and the guys there were really cool and super helpful. I could have hung out there all day. They had so many pedals and guitars and amps in this little space. I played a couple of Tremolo pedals and found one by FLIP that was really nice sounding but I was not ready to spend $159 for a pedal since my guitar was being repaired and I hadn’t paid for that yet. Donny and I hung out there long enough that they finished my guitar and it was only $30. They did not have the exact same kind of tuning key but it is a close enough match for now. If I ever want to sell the guitar then I’ll change it out. We left there and headed to Jackpot Records where we all managed to pick something up. I got the Fennesz Cd “Endless Summer” and the girl behind the counter must have thought Donny was cute because she gave him a stack of CD’s for free. Go Donny. We headed up to the club, Doug Fir’s, at 5 for sound check. The club turned out to be the most posh awesome LA meets the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks type place. A sound engineer designed the acoustics of the club so it sounded like a studio in there. The show went well and afterwards we headed over to a cigar bar for drinks and a cigar. That is where I wrote all but the last few sentences of this post. I will try to post more soon.

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