33 Today – baby on the way

I turned 33 today and I don’t feel any different. If my 30’s are anything like my 20’s then I’ll start to feel the change around 37 as is was 27 when I started to feel the change from 20’s to 30’s beginning. I’m not sure what the change is that I’m supposed to be feeling, but one change is that I am going to be a dad in just a few days and I’m sure I’ll feel that one whether I want to or not. Seja went to the doctor today for her weekly checkup and the doctor said, “Well, I’ll see you next Wednesday unless you have your baby by then.” So the arrival date of 03/04/05 looks like it will not be met. She has not had any contractions yet, but Friday is her last day of work for a few months. She was supposed to go on medical leave starting March 1st, but since determining the exact arrival date of a child is similar to determining the sex by the ring test, she will be taking precautions and going on leave sooner than later. It is all very exciting and scary at the same time. The excitement and the fun outweigh the scary by far, but it is still there. We do not know the gender but everyone thinks it will be a boy. We will know for sure come the birthday. I am really just hoping for a healthy baby whatever the gender. I will let you all know when the big day happens. Until next-time, Internet.

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