Hospital Visit – one

We are at the hospital and they have a couple of computer kiosks so I thought I would post that we came here around 11:15am today because Seja has been experiencing some contractions. The due date is 03/04/05 and her water has not broken, but since this is our first baby we thought we should come to the hospital and see what they say. She has been hooked up to the monitors and they show her contractions at every 5 minutes lasting for about 1 minute. They told us that 2 to 3 minutes between contractions is what they would like to see so the nurse is having her (and I) walk around the hospital for about 45min to an hour. We are currently on our second of those walks. If by 3pm there has been no change in her condition then we are free to go home. I’ll post more when I know more.

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