She’s Here

Our first child has arrived and she is absolutely perfect. Madeline Gale was born on 5 March, 2005 at 4:59am. She weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and measured 21 inches long. She was born face up and while in the birth canal she inhaled a little merconium so she spent the first few hours of her life in an isolet crib with the oxygen content raised to 30% in order to help clear out her lungs. She did splendid and by Saturday afternoon we were giving her a bath and she and Mommy got their first opportunity to nurse. We are home now and our lives are so different than what they were just 6 days ago. She is simply perfect so without further ado here she is…


  1. She is so cute. Your lives will never be the same. Enjoy every minute, she will grow up so fast. I am so happy for all 3 of you.


    Shawn, Tami and Aidan Anderson

  2. Just as cute as can be! LOVE the dark hair.

    Hugs to you all-

    Erin and family

  3. Seja and Joe,

    We are all so happy for you! Madeline is such a cutie. We’ll have to set up a play date for her and Payton soon as we can’t wait to meet her.

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! So glad to hear from you and to have the pictures. You both look great, congratulations!!
    I also enjoy the photos of yourwork!

  5. I have seen this gorgeous little princess, and she has me wrapped around her little finger already.

    I love her so much! I wish I lived closer. It is going to be difficult to stay away for long.

    Love, Grandma

  6. You guys…she’s a doll!! I just love the pictures of Madeline eating her hands…what a cutie! Her little white outfit she came home in is so cute too! What an awesome baby you have!!What awesome parents she has! Love Katy

  7. She is so beautiful! I can’t wait to meet her. It should be real soon. All my love to all.

  8. Good gravy, Joe & Seja, that’s a beautiful baby y’all got there! Congratulations! Well done producing the first member of EDM v.2, which should no doubt be performing by 2025.


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