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Our computer is in the shop because I am done trying to figure out what is wrong with it. I just recently purchased a new Chaintech 7NJL6 motherboard, AMD Sempron 2500+ processor, 400W powersupply, 512MB DDR 3200 RAM, and a Western-Digital 200GB hard-drive in order to upgrade with as little expense as possible. I was a little intimidated by the idea of putting a computer together but it was mainly from the thought that I might send a static charge through something and then it would be ruined before I even got to use it. Well, after a couple of hours and one slight modification to my box I got everything installed and running except for the 200GB HD. I kept the original configuration of a 30GB Master HD and a 40GB Slave because I had not gotten all of my data off of the 40GB HD yet. It ran just fine in that configuration for a little while but I wanted to get the 200GB HD in the machine so I got all of the data off of it and started to make the swap. Well when I hooked up the 40GB HD and tried to install Windows I kept getting a hard-drive not found error in the BIOS. I thought that this would be due to a HD failure so I tried to put the 30GB HD back in and I was still getting the same error. I put the 40GB HD back in and this time I had success getting to the Window Setup from the Windows CD-ROM. The files started to copy over but it failed at the screen that said “Windows setup is now copying files (WINDOWS EXECUTIVE)”. I tried several other times and this always happened. Finally I went into the BIOS and instead of loading the Optimal BIOS settings I loaded the Failsafe BIOS settings and voila I was able to install Windows. Now that I had made it through the install then I wanted to get the processor back to running full potential so I reset the BIOS back to Optimal and everything seemed to be fine. The machine was up and running for about 2 days and then the machine started to freeze and sometimes it wouldn’t boot up. Well this went on for about a week and I finally just had to get it fixed because I didn’t have time to try anything else plus I was at a complete loss of options. Well we got it back and it turns out that I needed a couple of fans in the box to bring the temperature down. One on the video card and one for the box itself. That whole ordeal was really frustrating but now I have a great computer for my needs. I’m thinking about making it a little better by adding 1024MB of RAM from TigerDirect. They have a sale going on right now where 1024MB is $59.99 plus the $12 shipping. Call me crazy but that sounds pretty good.


  1. i think i can break it down:

    a ram is a result of a a hard drive. too much hard driving can overheat your box. therefore, he cooled things down by adding another window’s fan.

    joe- why didn’t you install a new video card to make your new’ish monitor real pretty like?

    i think it’s funny that a gig of ram is only 60 for a pc, while i paid over a hundy for 256 for my mac.

  2. OK i think i can speak for the computer challenged people…. could you rewrite that in 3 sentences not using numbers or abbreviations? 🙂

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