Iron &amp Wine at the Bluebird

Tuesday night I saw Iron &amp Wine at the Bluebird and it was somewhat depressing. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the albums a lot and I was hoping that the show would be even better but… The Bluebird normally has great sound but the band is touring with their own soundguy and he left a little to be desired. I think he intentionally mixed them quiet, but it made it so difficult to hear the band over the din of the room noise and the fans (of the mechanical variety not the screaming ones) that is was really unenjoyable. What was most frustrating though were the people who did not stop talking throughout the entire show. I kept wondering if they paid the same $12 to get in as everyone else. I don’t go to a lot of shows and it sucks that when I do, I can only think about the fact that I don’t go to many shows because the suck factor usually outweighs the joy factor. Anyway before I get any more negative, I did enjoy the second band, “Band of Horses”, because they were more of a rock band and a bar is a good place to see them. I enjoyed what I could hear of Iron & Wine and I hope that the next time I see them it is in a club with seating or a theatre of some sort. Ideally I would like to see him around a campfire, but I will settle for the theatre.

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  1. what a big old suck. general admission shows don’t usually work out for me b/c of the crowd noise. two dudes at your hollywood show were driving me crazy with their talking. i had it out with a lady at a wilco show last month b/c she wouldn’t be quiet. i get so mad, i can’t enjoy myself.

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