I received a copy of Turbocad Deluxe Version 11 about two weeks ago and tonight was the first time that I have had a chance to open it up and start playing. Wow, is it HUGE! I was hopeing that I could find some online tutorials or some books on using Turbocad and the only thing that I came across is a PDF of the users guide. I downloaded it and found that it is just as huge as the program. I am on page 58 of 493 and I am still learning about the user interface. Damn! I am sticking with it though as I have to figure this monster out so that I can use it for furniture and home designs. I went with this product because a. it seemed as good as any product out there in the $100 to $150 price range and b. I got an email from IMSISoft letting me know that for a short time I could buy a complete version for $50. The interface is overwhelming and once I figure out what I’m doing I will probably be losing some of the toolbars and palettes. Here is a screenshot.

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