BBQ on Father’s Day

Today is my first father’s day and on it I thought I would do what I love to do most in warm weather – grill out. I am not going all out but I am trying a new rib rub. It is called the Texas sprinkle and from the smell of things I think it is going to be a winner. It has no sugar in it so I imagine it is a bit more of a spicy rub. The rub that I usually use is about 1/3 brown sugar, and while it is spicy you still get some of that sweet to cut through the spice. This new rub has black pepper, cayenne pepper, white pepper, course salt, thyme, cracker crumb, and garlic powder. The majority of the spice is garlic powder. The cracker crumbs are added because they are supposed to give you a little bit of a crust that you would normally get with the sugar. Well it is about time to take the ribs off of the grill. I will have to update with the results. Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there.

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  1. oh yeah. happy father’s day. i made me up some ribs the other day too. i just can’t imagine ribs w/o brown sugar though.

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