The move is almost complete

Part of what I wanted to do with this move was to preserve the links and trackbacks that people may have on their websites as well as what the search engines have recorded and archived. As I mentioned earlier, I was buried in the WordPress codex and after readingthis entry I have successfully set up the redirect for all of the pages that end in .php and .html. I don’t think that I am going to try to worry about the monthly or the category archives because I don’t think that I have that big of a reader base. At first I couldn’t get MT to publish the redirect.php file to my wordpress installation folder (the web-root) and then once I figured out in MT that you have to output the files using a relative path not an absolute then I got errors loading the page because some of my entries had quotes in them. Anyway I got it working finally and now I am stuck on creating the Contact page. I was able to create it using the “Pages” feature of WordPress but I have not had any success getting it to work properly. I will need to read more in the Codex I guess. The WordPress Codex is an amazing help file and I am most grateful for everyone that has taken the time to create and add to it. Hopefully this mess will be over soon.

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