Looking for a new house

My wife and I are looking for houses again because we are in need of a little more space and we would also like to acquire a larger parcel of land – right now we can’t even put a 6×6 storage shed on our property. We have found a place that is almost ideal. The land is ideal, the price is ideal, the house however is not so ideal. It is bigger but the layout is really wacky and because it was built in 1935 it needs some updating. If you are interested in taking a look at it you can click on this link, Home Finder property search, and enter the MLS # 10036992 in the upper left hand corner and click the round GO button. You can kind of get an idea of what the house is like, but what you can’t see is how great the 6 acres are. It is about half to two thirds wooded and the rest is nice, fairly flat yard with a couple of trees. The properly slopes gently towards the back for probably 100 yards and then drops off down to what looks like it might be a creek (I did not walk the whole thing yet). It is a great spot to build a house and that is our intention. One of the other nice things is that the property is less than 2 miles from the University Elementary school. We still have to check though whether or not that is the school that Madeline would attend. We have a couple of ideas for what to do with the property, but for now we are sure that if we get the land we want to start to build a new house on it within the next couple of years. We have an appointment tomorrow at 12:30 to see it so check back for updates.


  1. We have already started the search for a good used rider but I would love to have a tractor and bush-hawg.

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