The Move is Complete

The move to WordPress from Movable Type is officially complete. The whole thing was a lot easier than I thought it would be too. I am using the Green Marinee theme while I work on my own design and I am modifying it while I learn more about the WordPress functions and tags. All of the posts, comments and trackbacks imported without a hitch and I didn’t even have to export the MT posts using utf-8 encoding. I was warned that I should convert to utf-8 so that all of the characters would translate properly but after some review I don’t see any errors. I was also able to do something that I have always wanted to do and that is set up an asides or mini-posts section. I was able to implement that with ease using Morgan Doocy’s mini-posts plugin and it works like a charm. I have to modify the code a little to get it to look and display how I want but I had to use something from his website as my first mini-post. I think all will enjoy it. If you see any errors while viewing this site please let me know or refresh your page as I will be working on this site continuously

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