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We made an offer on another house today. When we originally started our search we had the attitude of let’s find some land where we can build a house. That changed after we realized that we would need to sell our house in order to buy the land. Our next approach was to find some land with a house on it, fix up the house, split the land and build a new one on the new parcel. Well we tried to make that work and it did not. So we changed our approach once more to let’s find a much bigger house that is in great condition and is in a neighborhood where the little one can play. While this attitude does require that we fork over a little more money it will be worth it because I will not have to work on the house other than to improve things here and there at my own pace. To see this house, click here and put this number :MLS # 10036788 in the search box (upper left hand corner) and click the big blue GO! button. Hopefully that works. The house is in town and only comes with .24 acres but it is in move-in condition and the value that we gain in comfort will be more than worth the price difference. We are hoping that they at least counter and don’t outright reject our offer . We already made one offer on this house and they rejected it because we put in a contingency of the sale of our house. Since they have already moved I guess they felt that they could not take a chance on us selling our house. So this is actually our second offer and we have removed the sale of our house contingency because we feel that our house is in a price range that will not be hard to sell. We also have the nicest house on the street now as far as comfort and curb appeal go. It is just too small for Seja and I now that we have the little one and family out of town. There is no longer a guest room so we have to put people up on the couch or on a blow up mattress in the office – too tight. I will keep you posted. Wish us luck.

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