New Home Closing

We will be closing on our house on the 16th and it is hard to believe that it is really going to happen. We have really put up a fight to get this house so it will be wonderful once we are actually living there. We are both looking forward to the space that we are gaining and with that space the potential to make it fun for us to be in. Already we have plans to change a few things and it is nice knowing that we will not be pricing ourselves out of the neighborhood with the upgrades that we make.
The previous owners tried their hand at making some improvements, and while they had good ideas they just did not know what they were doing technically. For instance, they tiled the wall around the bathtub but they grouted it using sanded floor grout. Now if the right tiles are used and spaced such that you could get the grout between them then this would not be so bad. They, however, used your typical wall tiles and the joints between wall tile are so small that you have to have an sand free grout in order to push it between them. And we all know how hard it is already to clean grout, now imagine trying to clean sandpaper. Yeah, not good. Plus they did not wipe it off uniformly so some of the grout lines are really messy. That will have to be repaired. Also some of the trimwork in the house was obviously done by someone other than a carpenter. Nail holes and mangled miter cuts. This too will have to be fixed. We plan to put can lights in two rooms and a chandelier over the dinning room table. We will eventually replace the doors and the trim throughout the house as well as the entry door, but first we will be taking down wallpaper and painting. In the spring we are probably going to stucco the entire exterior of the house. Right now it has two different colors of vinyl siding and brick.
There are a lot of great things about the new house but the one that I am most excited about is the garage. It is a full two car garage which means I will actually be able to set up my shop and also use it comfortably. It is such a great feeling knowing that I will be able to get to all of my tools without moving six other things out of the way. WOOOO HOOOO!!! Also we have a little shed out back so we can keep things like the lawnmower and gas and weedeater out of the shop now.
I am also excited about the laminate floor that the previous owners installed (which they did nicely). Madeline is just getting the hang of using her rolley-seat toy and she will be able to cruise through the house on the smooth surface. We are really looking forward to the move and are more than ready to be in a bigger space. Who knows maybe we can have Thanksgiving at our house now.

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