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Well I have been trying to find time to update the look of this site because the other design was just an interim. Well as life would have it I have not had the time or the creative spark to make my own design so I went looking for one that was similar to what I wanted to do and I found it here in Narnia . I am not done tweaking it and it will take some time but I think this is going to be If anyone has any objections let me know. I have ideas of what I want to do but I don’t have the time or the skills. I can learn the skills sure but I need the time in order to learn the skills. I have also started to realize that since I don’t do web work I shouldn’t be spending more time on it than is necessary. I need to spend time on things like my job, my family, and my house since those the most important items right now. I am not done playing with this site but I will be taking a break from thinking about the design and instead will be posting photos and writing posts instead of mulling over whether or not I have the right design and getting caught up in that vicious cycle. I hope you all (2 of you) enjoy.

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  1. did i send you that vw link? i doubt that van will ever be produced but dang that thing looks sweet:shock:

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