The New Phone

After having so much trouble with my Motorola C343 I went back to my old Motorola V60c for the last 5 months of my phone contract. Well on the 16th I was able to cash in on my “New every two” plan and get caught up with the latest phone technology. My wife upgraded her phone a few months ago and she got the LG VX7000. After having two Motorola’s and not being happy with things like the charger connections, call dropping, and slow menu time, I decided I would make the LG switch too. I really like my wife’s LG and so it was sealed that I would be getting that one but when I looked on the Verizon website I saw that they had discontinued that model. I remember looking at the Kyocera KX2 Koi swivel phone and really liking it too. It turns out that verizon has discontinued that one as well.

Since my wife has had such good luck with her phone even after the Madeline saliva incident, I decided to go with the LG VX6100. It has some great features that will hopefully be worth the $50 that it cost and I have already used the camera phone several times. The battery life and talk time are sufficient and I especially like the size. With just a little extra bend in the neck I can actually hold it in my shoulder (this was one of the reasons I wanted teh Kyocera). I have 15 days to decide if this is the phone that I want to keep but so far it seems to do everything that I will need it to do.


  1. i can’t believe you have a link to miry vanirry (the bsb video) miry vanirry get it? wattup with the kid gaming in the background?

  2. Great pics of Madi- The one with Shiloh-OMG could she (shiloh) look more like Julie? Have a great Thanksgiving! We will be heading to H-town. Will you guys be back “home”?

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