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We have started a new project and I am really excited to be doing new construction again. Our last project was a remodel and while it was a great learning experience and I love the results it was the dirtiest job I have ever done. The new project is two structures that are connected by a porch/breezeway that will be used as guest houses/bed & breakfasts. The theme is contemporary rustic and the owner is giving us a lot of leeway as far as input. We are only in the early stages right now but you can see how it is looking here. We are doing all of the carpentry work on this project since it is small but we will be bringing in the help of our good friend Dan Dan the carpenter man for a lot of the high framing.

The structures are 16′ x 30′ each and sit over a 9′ basement. There are no stairs to the basement from the interior as they are going to mainly be storage basements with the option for finising later. The height of the walls from the basement ceiling is 16′ with a 12/12 pitch roof vaulted so add another 6 feet or so for a total interior height of 22′. There is a loft with exposed tounge and groove ceiling/flooring that will be in half of the 30′ and this will be the sleeping area. There will be a small bath and kitchen and the rest is sitting area. There will be decks coming off of each corner and possibly a hot tub on the lower level outside of the basements. The utilities will be housed in a hallway that connects the basements. This will also have a washer and dryer with two laundry chutes.

The footprints of each building are small so that will give us an opportunity to really kick up all of the extras. I’m pretty excited because I’m sure we will be building a lot of custom items. I will be posting pictures regularly and keeping a better journal of this building on my new site once it is set up. For now you can take a look at the pictures here.

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