Atlanta IWF 2006

I’m still here and I’m still on hiatus from the enjoyable aspect of the computer world i.e. this blog. But I had to take a moment and write about my trip to Atlanta, GA for the International Woodworking Fair 2006. What a great trip. There were aspects that I could have done without but the overall trip was wonderful. The bad part was the 8 hour drive to stay in an old downtown Super8, arrive at 1am on Friday morning only to be told that our reserved room had been given away. I had not intended to share a bed with my buddy Brad (who talked me into going to this thing) but the only room available was a single. Luckily it had a king sized bed so we didn’t have to get cozy. Our room ended up being comped and we were only there for about 6 hours so not too bad. The rest of the trip totally made up for all of that.

I saw so much at the show and met some really great people that I could have slept on the floor and it would have been worth it. My buddy Brad who drove and arranged it all – Thanks! – had taken a course at Marc Adams woodworking school last year and his instructor, Gary Striegler, was also at the show. We met up with him on Friday morning and he introduced us to a couple of the Kreg employees. Turns out all of these guys are extremely cool and a blast to hang out with. Gary got us oriented and took us to a couple of booths where I made my first purchase. I picked up a couple of GREX tools. A 23 gauge headless pin nailer, and a 1/4″ crown stapler. There were show deals which I saved on but the real deal came when Gary hooked me up with an additional 15000 pins for free. Thanks, Gary. I spent a little money on the trip but I now have some great new tools and the experience was wonderful. There may be something else come of this trip too, and if it does I will definitely be writing about it.

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