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Well that would be a lot. I have been mucho busy with the house and with work and with side jobs and with a woodworking class. It has been pretty much non-stop. The first item was rewiring the house for can lights, switches, and outlets. In one day I along with the help of my electrician buddy and his helper put in 8 can lights and ran 8 switches – 6 of which were 3-ways, and re-routed a switched recepticle so that the switches controlled the can lights in the living room and the recepticle was always hot. It was one of the longest days for me since it started at 9am and I was just tightening my last wire nut at 11:30pm. What a great feeling though at the end of the day being completely done. Secondly I took on a side job to build 18 picture frames that were a lot more involved than I anticipated. It took a lot longer to complete them than I anticipated because I had to clue up the stock before I could cut it size and that was the most time consuming part of the project. In the end they turned out well but I felt bad that I had to charge a little more than I anticipated. I think the buyer is pretty happy with them though as I have not gotten a call from him.

Last week I spent the week in Whiteland, IN taking a class on Traditional Woodworking taught by Chris Gochnour. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had to date and if I could make a living building things with hand tools I would gladly accept. It is so much more rewarding and personal to create something with hand tools. While some machines were used in the rough dimensioning of the wood, an unnecessary practice for hand tools, all of the joinery and the final dimensioning was done with hand tools. I am addicted and have cleaned up my bench so that I may use it again for hand tools. I am realizing too that I need to build a better bench but that will have to wait. I will post pictures of the toolchest once it is done.

Seja went for her 35 week checkup and everything looks to be ok. She is feeling more and more uncomfortable so we are looking forward to the birthday.

That’s all for now – Enjoy.

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