The Toolbox – Finished

It has been a long time coming since my first post about the toolbox but I am finally posting photos of the finished toolbox that I started in April. I took a week long course at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking with the instructor Chris Gochnour. When I left at the end of the week I had a completed box that needed some finish scraping, hinges, handles, and a finish. I intended to get on it right away but as life would have it I soon became consumed with the day to day tasks and the toolbox started gathering dust in the shop. At the beginning of the cool weather here I realized that I needed to get this done so that I can start using it. The first hurdle was to mortise the lid stay into the box. This was a daunting task as it involved getting a router to rest on a 5/8″ edge and not tip or tilt and also not take off and tear out the box side. Most nerve-wracking on a piece that you have over 60 hours in. I attached a couple of supports on either side of the box providing a good sized base for the router to rest on and the task went smoothly. Once that was done I was home free as I had already mortised for the hinges and the handles were to be simply screwed to the side once the finish was on. I used Minwax Antique Oil finish and put on two heavy coats using steal wool on the second coat. I am waiting until the end of the month and I will try putting the buffing wheel to it to give it a nice shine. I still need to make the tills that fit inside but I figure I can do that as needed because with my limited shop space this might become a small blanket chest for one of the girls.

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