Boxes as Gifts

Here are some boxes that I built based on the Gary Rogowski design from Fine Woodworking issue #139. Although the boxes are not big they still take awhile to complete (at least they did for my first time out). I built the first boxes out of cherry but I did not follow the assembly directions so that may have been why they seemed to take a little longer. The second two that I built were out of ash and I followed the assembly directions a little better and the whole project went a lot smoother. I decided to leave the pins out of my boxes and see if they perform well as far as the joints are concerned and so far so good. The finish that I applied is clear shellac by Zinsser. It was the first time that I had ever used shellac and at first I was a little discouraged. I own the Bob Flexner book but I consulted it after I applied the finish and read that I should have thinned the 3-pound cut to a 1-pound cut for my first layer of shellac and a 2-pound for all subsequent layers. The finish turned out alright but the next boxes will be better as I now have a good feel for the project and working with shellac. I still have to complete a couple of business card holders that I will have to give out after the holidays. They are simple little scrap bin projects but people like to receive things no matter how small.
Have a merry Christmas and a happy holidays.

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