Beginning my commute

I purchased a bike today so that I can start commuting to work. I am pretty stoked to start being able to leave the truck parked. Tired of using gas when I don’t need to and it will help me stay in shape. I packed it in the car and then realized that I should just ride it home. So I did and it was awesome. It has been awhile since I have ridden a bike though let alone ridden one very far. I was feeling it but I can’t wait to do it again. I think I have found my route so I’m excited to try it during the morning to see how it feels with a little heavier traffic.

The bike I ended up going with is a Specialized Sirrus. I got the base model and I am waiting to get the fenders, rack, paniers, and shoes until after we get our tax refund (counting a few of my chickens before they hatch). I also got a helmet and a lock. I don’t know that I need a helmet but considering the expense ($40) it could potentially save me a lot more. As I heard in “Alien vs. Predator” tonight “It’s like a condom – I rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.”

So far I’m really pleased with my choice. The geometry is so comfortable and even the saddle is comfortable. Which is saying a lot for a bike seat the first time out on it. I love the position that you ride. It is somewhat upright but you don’t feel like you are on a cruiser. I’ll write again after my first commute and let you know how it goes. I’m sure I will probably have to shower twice a day for the first month or two but if I keep at it I should overcome that need. I’m hoping I can ride it at least for 3 of the four seasons almost daily. Noble effort but I know I will be very thankful if I can make it happen.
More later.
Specialized Sirrus


  1. It has been suggested by some that the use of a helmet actually increases the risk of injury or death. This is primarily because the helmet provides a false sense of security, causing one to take risks that he/she would not have otherwise taken.

  2. Yes, I see how that could be a possibility for some. Luckily for me I’m old enough that I’m just as worried about other parts of my body – like all of it – as I am my head. And there is no body helmet so I generally avoid any unnecessary risk. Simply riding the bike is risky enough.

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