Bring back Safari Tabs on Top

I should have professed my love for the tabs on top during the Safari 4 beta but alas I kept to myself and now Safari is just like the others. Why did Apple not at the very least offer a choice between the original and the new and improved tabs placement? I just upgraded my beta 4 by accident today (I kept unchecking the Safari 4 upgrade) and I’m about to Time Machine it back to the beta. Finally on my 13″ MacBook I was able to have both tabs and my Bookmarks bar visible. Now I have to again disable my bookmarks bar so that I can have tabs visible. There is once again a hunk of gray mass at the top of my window that does nothing but display the title of the page. The complaint I read the most was that people didn’t like that you had to move the window around by grabbing a tab. Anyone that needs that much real estate just to move the window well I feel for you. Anyway, that is my rant. I could go on but the people have spoken and tabs on top are gone for now. I bet the majority of the people that wanted the old tabs back are probably the same ones that “voted for change”.


  1. I so agree with this. But I don’t think the people HAVE spoken. A lot of folks who hated the top tabs at first got to like them in a few days and want them back now. Sadly people are more prone to speak up when they don’t like something than when they do.

    I am strongly hoping the tabs-on-top will return with Snow Leopard.

  2. If you figure out how to revert back to the beta, let me know. When I hit hte OS X update yesterday, I unchecked the Safari box, but it upgraded me anyway through the OS update. PISSED!!! TOT is the way to go. I have no idea what everyone was bitching about before. It’s far more efficient on top.

    Cheers, Bruce!

  3. For gosh sake, at least give us the choice. if you want it to default one way or the other fine. At least leave the capability for us to change it to suit our preference.

    Just sayin.

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